New York based multidisciplinary graphic designer 

This project seeks to design a typeface inspired by the process of embroidery while under the influence of Anni Albers’s essay Material as Metaphor. In it, Albers talks about material as a means of communication—as she made her woven works she gradually transitioned from perceiving them three-dimensionally to perceiving them as flat, two-dimensional prints and drawings on paper.

This project has a somewhat similar arc, where the initial material converts back and forth between analog and digital mediums in its development. The project is both about the material process but also about creating a functioning typeface. Exploring the question of what is the difference between the final product and the process of designing, it was a seamless back and forth between designing a typeface digitally while also utilizing embroidery as a medium to better discern a letterform.

Embroidering the typeface creates a result on each side fabric frame: the front of the letterform, which is easily readable, and the back which shows the process and construction of the form. Each side has its own style and merits of readability. In this way the project demonstrates a potential feedback loop between digital and analog design processes, and may provide a different model of engagement between these modes of design that are often viewed in opposition.

Parsons Thesis Page

The Art of Cooking book created for Editorial Concepts class. Vintage recipes paired with over the top photographs by Maurizio Cattelan.

Maurizio Cattelan is known as a provocateur and prankster. He has created some of the most unforgettable images in recent contemporary art. While he is widely known for his hyperrealist sculptures, he is also known for his publication “Toilet Paper Magazine” which he founded in 2010 along  Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Along these pages, you will find the most mesmerizing, inexplicable and extravagant images that the magazine has published throughout the years. The vivid colors, as well as the contemporary yet vintage feel that the photos give inspired the recipes that fill the pages.

During the research for this book to come about, I was looking for vintage recipes and found recipes from the 1970’s that were as uncanny as the photographs that fill the pages of this book.

Filled with vibrant colors, and foods that will make you question the eating habits of other people, keep turning the pages to enter a new world of mesmerizing images.

Branding for Waiting for Godot play by Samuel Beckett.

Through reasearch, content gathering, studying past posters, and play production, advertising partner Annika Phillips and I were able to create a set of promotional material to revamp the play for a modern-day audience.

Using shapes and a graphic aproach, this short story is designed for the readers for an easier and more entertaining time.

DERT works with emerging designers to create unique, customized books. Each DERT book features the design and conceptual artwork created by graphic design students. DERT’s collaborative studio program partners with students at art schools to produce book products that are used for fundraising towards charitable literacy efforts.

You can find the book here.